Saturday, August 13, 2011

Handy Manny 2: Free Disney Coloring Sheets

handy manny mr. lopart and fluffy coloring pages
handy manny workshopcoloring pages handy manny kelly coloring pages

handy manny kelly coloring pages

 Hello Handy Helpers! Here are some coloring pages from your favorite show, Handy Manny. These are of Kelly, Mr. Lopart, Fluffy, and Handy Manny's workshop.

Handy Manny's workshop is located at Sheetrock Hills. Everyone on town depends on him whenever things got broken. Next to his shop is Mr. Lopart and pet Fluffy. Mr. Lopart owns a candy store. He is also friendly, though he refuses to get help cause he always thinks he can do it by himself. Another friend in the neighbor is Kelly. She owns a hardware store where Manny gets his items. She surprisingly got everything Manny needs.

So handy helpers, what are you waiting for? Download these ready-to-print coloring sheets and color them now!

Just click on the images to view the large image file one by one to download and print! or to download the whole volume in print ready/PDF format click here:

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