Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pororo the Little Penguin: Free Disney Coloring Sheets

Pororo coloring pages
Pororo coloring pages pororo and friends

Pororo penguin coloring pages
Pororo the Little Penguin coloring pages pororo and friends


Hey, it's Pororo! Your little penguin is now on DisneyColoringBook! Together with his friends - Poby, EddyLoopy, and Crong - they have lots of fun and adventure on their little snowy island. They go sledging, snowball fights, and many more wintry adventure! Join Pororo and friends on their adventure and color these printable coloring sheets. Happy coloring!

Just click on the images to view the large image file one by one to download and print! or to download the whole volume in print ready/PDF format click here:

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  1. I like Pororo and my son too. Thanks for share these sheets. Rgds fm Costa Rica Vicky